Video/Photo Inclusion


We offer our Wranglers (our fans) a chance to include a photo or video in an episode of our show, or on our social media sites. If you would like to see yourself on our show, or on our social media pages, you need a parent or guardian (for those under 18) to fill out our release form. If you are over 18, you can fill out the form for yourself. We will keep all of your information private. The first name only of the person appearing in the video will be mentioned.

Photos/Videos we are currently looking for:

1. We'd like a clip no longer than five seconds stating your first name only and that you are a Round 'Em Up Wrangler. Here is an example:

2. We'd like a photo of you with your pet.
 Be sure to let us know your pet's name in the comment section of our release form.

We accept videos and photos from all ages and races. If your video features a spoken language other than English, we need the words spoken in the video written out in your native language, and then translated to English. Thank you.

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