Meet The Gang

Andy Jo Hadley is a down-home farm girl. Her full name is Andrea Jolene, but she goes by Andy Jo. She loves toys, especially My Little Pony toys. Her favorite pony is Apple Jack because Apple Jack is a farm girl just like her. Plus, they both have "AJ" names. Andy Jo likes to read, sing, and talk with her friends. She and her family run "Hadley Farms" with the help of some very special friends.

Miss Laura is the announcer of Round 'Em Up. Sometimes she talks more than Andy Jo. (She's gotta work on that). Miss Laura's favorite pony is also Apple Jack. Miss Laura became a "pegasister" when her daughter Anna became very sick and watched My Little Pony everyday to help her through.

Anna is a Round 'Em Up Wrangler (that's what we call our super fans) and Miss Laura's daughter. Anna was born with special needs and she is also a cancer survivor. Anna had a bone marrow transplant in 2015 to cure her lymphoma. She's doing great and we're so proud of her. Anna is the inspiration for starting Round 'Em Up. She loves toy review shows and felt she would enjoy being part of one. Anna enjoys being read to, singing, and playing with her iPad. Oh, and watching My Little Pony and MLP toy reviews. Her favorite pony is Rarity.

 Essie is a Round 'Em Up Wrangler and Miss Laura's daughter. Essie is a sweet girl who loves her big sister more than anything in the world. She is smart, spunky, and fun! She is a fast learner and loves to go to school and make new friends. She enjoys reading to Anna, singing a lot, playing on the computer, and pretty much anything Anna is doing. She is also a big MLP fan and her favorite pony is Pinkie Pie.

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