Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Counting and Learning Shapes Video For Preschool With Princess Sofia

 Andy Jo  introduces special guest Princess Sofia (from Disney Junior's Sofia the First) in episode 5 of Round 'Em Up! This show is all about hearts, and who better to guide us through than sweet Sofia, who loves and makes friends with everyone.

Sofia starts the show by explaining she has brought a counting game for the Wranglers to play. First, she teaches us a fun short song to go with the game. The idea is, we'll see a picture with a lot of heart shapes in it. The Wranglers will count up the hearts on their own, and then Andy Jo and Sofia count together to see if they are right. Can you spot all the hearts in the picture? Before the counting begins with each picture, everyone sings the song together. What fun!

After the game is over, Andy Jo and Sofia show the Wranglers several pictures of things that have surprise hearts in them. A tree, a spec on the floor, a slice of bread, a piece of ice cream cake, and more!

There is one special feature to this show, a cute animation where a boy and girl heart see each other from afar and fall in love. What fun!

After the show is over, Miss Laura walks you through the unboxing of the toy set used in this episode. You'll see up close all the features of every piece in this set including Clover, Sofia, and the accessory purse. We'll tell you in this review whether or not we think this purchase was worth it. Plus, look for this set in an upcoming pick-your-prize giveaway!

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