Saturday, January 2, 2016

MLP Blind Bags Opening Video -Wave Eleven Part Two

Episode 2 - Roundin' Up MLP Blind Bags Part 2 

Episode two is the continuation of opening twelve My Little Pony wave eleven blind bags. Andy Jo and Miss Laura remind viewers that these bags come from Dollar General, and if you haven't finished your wave 11 collection you can still get them there at the time of this post.

Starting with the seventh bag, Andy Jo jumps right in and guesses Sunset Shimmer. Miss Laura guesses that it will be Pinkie Pie. When the pony comes out of the bag it's actually...Rainbow Dash! Rainbow Dash is a blue pony with rainbow colored mane and tail. She has them all: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Her cutie mark is a cloud with a rainbow colored lightening bolt coming from it. Rainbow dash is a pegasus (a pony with wings that can fly). Her wings are the color of her body.  Her collector's card reads, "Rainbow Dash is always ready to help her friends!".

On the eighth reveal Andy Jo guesses Fluttershy and Miss Laura guesses Big Wig. The pony that comes out of the bag is...Spitfire! Spitfire is a blue pony with a lot of yellow accents on her chest, hooves, muzzle, and ears. She is also a pegasus and her wings are that same bright yellow. Her cutie mark is a yellow lightening bolt. Her mane and tail are a combination of bright yellow and orange hues. Since she is a Wonderbolt, she wears the Wonderbolt flying goggles. Her collector's card tells us that she is the captain of the Wonderbolts flying team.

Time for the ninth reveal! Andy Jo guesses Candy Apples while Miss Laura guesses Buttonbelle. Neither of them guess correctly as Helia is the pony who comes out of the bag! Helia is a beautiful light blue color with a lighter yellow mane and tail. On this reveal, we get our third pegasus pony in a row! Helia has the same color wings that are on the rest of her body. Her cutie mark is a beautiful sunflower. Her collectors card says, "Helia is cheerful and friendly to everyone!".

On the tenth bag Andy Jo guesses it will be Pursey Pink. Miss Laura thinks it might be Sunny Breezy. Instead it's Lilac Breezy. A breezy is thought to be a type of fairy. Lilac has a pink body with a purple mane and tail. Her wings are kind of clear but are accented with purple as well. She also features yellow antennae on her head. Breezies don't have cutie marks, but her card tells us that she and her friends love to visit Ponyville.

The next to the last bag! Andy Jo thinks it might be Pinkie Pie, but Miss Laura says she thinks it will be Fluttershy. When the pony comes out of the bag it is...Candy Apples! Candy Apples is an earth pony with a sort of sea foam green color body and a reddish-orange mane and tail. Her cutie mark is two candy apples on sticks. It looks like one may be the red candy apple and the other might be a caramel apple. Her collector's card tells us that she makes homemade treats for her friends.

Last bag! Andy Jo guesses the last one in the Round 'Em Up collection of wave 11 blind bags is Buttonbelle. Miss Laura guesses Pursey Pink. Neither of them are right because it's Sunny Breezy! Sunny Breezy is a type of fairy pony that has a yellow body and yellow mane and tail. Her wings are clear but have pink accents on them. Her antennae are purple. Her collectors card says the same thing it does on all the breezy cards...that she and her friends love to visit Ponyville.

Miss Laura reminds the audience of the website you can visit to match ponies and their codes for this wave. That way you can get the pony you really want.

As we take one last look at all 12 ponies we opened in this wave, Miss Laura tells parents how they can get a discount at Dollar General on these blind bags. If you go at the beginning of the week and buy anything at all, they will most often times give you a receipt with a coupon on it for $5 off of a $25 purchase. Usually it's only good for that following Saturday. If you go back that Saturday you could get 10 bags for around $20 plus tax making them only a little over $2 per bag. (Normally they are $2.50+ per bag.)

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