Sunday, January 17, 2016

Playing Pony Games With Pinkie Pie Video - MLP

Episode 3 - Roundin' Up A Pony Guessing Game

In the third episode of Round 'Em Up, Andy Jo opens the show by telling us that we are going to play a guessing game with Pinkie Pie. Before they introduce Pinkie, Miss Laura tells more about the toys they will be featuring in this episode.

These ponies from the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic collection were found at Walmart for two dollars and eighty eight cents per bag. They cost slightly more than the mystery bags. They are packaged in clear wrap so you can see the pony inside. They are bigger than the blind bag ponies, and their heads turn. They are easy to unwrap, and we see that they feature their cutie marks on one side only. Next we get a lineup of today's players which include: Fluttershy, Lyra Heartstrings, Apple Jack, Rarity, Lily Blossom, Rainbow Dash, Cheerilee, Sunset Shimmer, and Pursey Pink.

Andy Jo then welcomes our two favorite Wranglers. Anna and Essie to the show. (Wranglers are Round 'Em Up super fans). Anna and Essie say hello. Then, it's time to introduce Pinkie Pie. She is very excited to be on the show. Andy Jo explains that they are going to play a game called Alicorn, Unicorn, Pegasus, Or Earth Pony. Nine of Pinkie's friends are hiding behind the Happy Apple Acres Barn. As Andy Jo calls out their names, Pinkie has to guess whether her friend is an Alicorn, Unicorn, Pegasus, Or Earth Pony. Then, the pony will come out from behind the barn, and the Round 'Em Up Wranglers will say what she is.

The game begins and Pinkie guesses most of the ponies correctly. She does miss two of them, but she is a good sport about it. At the end of the game, Andy Jo points out that there weren't any alicorns on the show. She surprises Pinkie Pie with a super special guest, Princess Twilight Sparkle. Andy Jo thanks everyone for being on the show, and the audience gets one last look at all the ponies that helped with this episode.

Andy Jo then has a special message for all the Wranglers. If anyone would like to see themselves on Round 'Em Up, they can send in a video clip stating their name and that they are a Round 'Em Up Wrangler. Essie demonstrates with a video clip of her own.

If you would like to send in a clip, make sure you include permission from your parents to include it on our show. Send it to

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(Make sure you check for Pinkie Pie's photo bombing pictures from this episode. They are fun.)

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