Friday, January 1, 2016

MLP Blind Bags Opening Video - Wave Eleven Part One

Episode 1 - Roundin' Up MLP Blind Bags Part 1

Episode one is the first of a two part show featuring My Little Pony wave eleven blind bags. Andy Jo and Miss Laura tell the audience that they got these older wave eleven bags at Dollar General. Miss Laura snips the top of the blind bags off so that it will be easy to dump them out. Andy Jo and Miss Laura decide to guess at which pony will actually come out of the bag. Using the guide on the back of one of the bags, they guess from the 24 available ponies.

Before revealing the first pony Andy Jo guesses it will be Sunset Shimmer. Miss Laura guesses Pinkie Pie. The first pony comes out of the bag and its...Cloudia Breezy! Cloudia is a blue breezy 

(a kind of fairy pony) with pink hair. Her yellow wings are accented with purple hues. Breezies do not have cute marks. Cloudia's collector's card says, " Cloudia Breezy and all her friends love to visit Ponyville!".

Time for the second reveal! Andy Jo guesses Rainbow Dash, and Miss Laura guesses Buttonbelle. The second pony is...Flash Sentry! Flash Sentry is a yellow pegasus pony. (That means he has wings and can fly) His mane and tail are contrasting colors of blue consisting of a dark blue and even darker blue. His mane is arranged like a mohawk. His cutie mark is is a blue shield with two different hues of blue  as well. They are arranged in 4 squares in a checkerboard-type pattern. On top of the shield there is a yellow lightening bolt. Flash's collectors card reads, "Flash Sentry helps his friends whenever they need him!".

On the third reveal Andy Jo guesses it will be Candy Apples. Miss Laura guesses Spitfire. The bag is dumped out and the pony is...Cheese Sandwich! Cheese Sandwich is a yellow earth pony with a curly brown mane and tail. Cheese wears a yellow shirt as well. His cutie mark is a grilled cheese sandwich pulled apart to reveal the gooey cheese inside. His collectors card says, "Cheese Sandwich likes making lunch for his friends!".

For the fourth reveal, Andy Jo guesses Swanky Hank. Miss Laura guesses Lilac Hearts. When the bag is tipped over the pony that comes out is...Swanky Hank! Andy Jo guessed it right! Swanky Hank is a red earth pony with a blue mane and tail. His cutie mark is three clothes hangers. His collectors card says, "Swanky Hank always tries to look his best!".

Time for the fifth pony! For this one Andy Jo guesses Pursey Pink, and Miss Laura guesses it will be Ruby Splash. When the pony comes out of the bag, its...Lilac Hearts! Lilac is a beautiful lavender unicorn with an even lighter shade of lavender for her mane and tail. It may even be light blue, it's hard to tell. Her cutie mark is three swirly hearts in those same lavender and light lavender/blue colors. Her collectors card tells us that Lilac Hearts loves acting in plays!

Last reveal for show one! Andy Jo guesses that the pony will be Helia, while Miss Laura guesses that it will be Lilac Breezy. When the bag is tipped over the pony that come out is...Ruby Splash! Ruby is a blue earth pony with a pink mane and tail. Her cutie mark is a pink strawberry and small bunch of green grapes. Her collectors card looks slightly different than the pony that comes out of the bag. On the card, she wears a ponytail in her mane. The card says, "Ruby Splash is famous for her delicious berry pies!"

After all six ponies are revealed for part one, Miss Laura shows viewers a helpful website that matches ponies with special codes. That way if you need a certain pony to finish your wave 11 collection, you can look on the bag and match the code to the pony you want. That website is:

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